Tying your token, to your technology is a bad choice.

Imposter syndrome is real. It isn’t your fault, but you have to fix it anyway.

Custodianship naturally evolves into payment systems


There are many ways to do this, and there are always tradeoffs involved. They could give you a password, but passwords are easily lost or stolen. Another option is to simply remember what you look…

Interest is not natural, and the fact that money exists proves interest is unnecessary.

To understand interest rates, we have to get nuanced about credit

Real vs. Nominal Spending

Before we can talk about credit, we have to understand the difference between real and nominal spending. Any activity of credit involves allocating real resources to a person or project, and it may also involve allocating money in order to compensate those involved.

  • Real Spending — Required Physical Resources
  • Nominal Spending — Monetary measurements of resources

The Three Kinds of Credit

There are 3 basic kinds of credit:

  • Interest Sharing Loans
  • Money Creation
  • Grants

Interest Sharing Loans: Real lending measured nominally.

An interest sharing loan is the typical type of lending that is performed today. A borrower receives a lump sum of cash to do a project, such as build a house…

The conventional story on interest rates is far from complete

MMT Describes the interest income channel

The interest income channel is the money people receive as interest payments. Because governments of all levels carry debt, and that debt is unlikely to be contracted when interest rates rise, the holders of the debt will receive more income in the form of interest payments.

Higher interest payments can pressure firms to charge more money

If firms which are in debt…

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